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Established in 1984. Originally called the “Borough of Schraalenburgh” and later was renamed after the town’s first mayor to Dumont.  Citizens first opened their businesses and settled in homes near the railroad that bisects the city, even the town’s High School is just off the railroad where students used to arrive from neighboring towns by rail.  Generations later, decedents of the first generations still remain in town as it remains a tight-knit community that always welcomes newcomers to their large “family”.  Local residents stick to tradition, such as Arbor Day, when they plant a tree and have fun contests for children, such as finding the largest tree in town and giving out certificates for heritage trees. Dumont Day brings together all residents from the youngest to the oldest to celebrate the town as one big family in beautiful Memorial Park.  There will never be an issue with food, with over 20 different resturants from Cuban to Barbeque and so many other choices there is something for everyone.           

Town Name: Dumont
City Hall: Dumont Borough Hall
Address: 50 Washington Ave., Dumont NJ 07628
Phone Number: 201-387-5022
Library Website: http://www.bccls.org
Water Service: Suez North America 
Gas & Electric: PSE & G
Distance to NYC: 17 miles

Annual Residential Turnover: 4.67  
Number of Households: 6,491  
Average Household Size: 2.747  
Households with Children: 2,088  

Selzer School:
435 Prospect Avenue Dumont, NJ 07628 
Phone: (201) 387-3030


Lincoln School:
80 Prospect Avenue Dumont, NJ 07628 
Phone: (201) 387-3040


 Grant School:
100 Grant Avenue Dumont, NJ 07628 
Phone: (201) 387-3050


Honiss School:
31 Depew Street Dumont, NJ 07628 
Phone: (201) 387-3020 


Dumont High School:
101 New Milford Avenue Dumont, NJ 07628 
Phone: (201) 387-3000 Fax: (201) 387-8461



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Dumont Events

Dumont Demographics

Population: 17,805

Zip code: 07628

Median Family income: $90,550

Population Density: 8,982 people/sq mi

Median resident age: 43.13 years

Public elementary / middle schools in Dumont: 5

Dumont Town Website: CLICK HERE

Dumont Listing Stats

Lowest price: $1,600

Highest price: $749,000

Average price: $316,997

Number of listings: 19