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Real Estate Guide - Selling A Home

The Selling Process

Our Buyer Services

Before you begin

  • Select the company which offers the best services and has a proven track record.
  • Describe your goals.
  • Share why you, the seller, chose to buy this home.
  • Understand marketing factors and who controls them:
    • Market Position based upon price (Seller)
    • Salability/Appeal to buyer (Seller)
    • Market Value (Buyer)
  • Know your competition and comparables.
  • Decide how long you want your house on the market.
  • Set a realistic price.
  • Consider a service contract (Home Warranty) that will help cover the cost of any major repairs while your home is on the market and for the first year after the home is sold.
  • Prepare your home for sale.
  • We have demonstrated success with all price ranges.
  • We tailor our marketing program to individual needs.
  • We customize all advertising to appeal to the emotional needs of buyers and the unique strengths of your property.
  • We understand marketing factors and who controls them:
    • Marketing Program (Sales Associate/ Company)
  • We will suggest the right marketing strategy.
  • We will give you information on the price, condition and terms of sale of similar homes currently for sale and those recently sold.
  • We will suggest the right pricing strategy.
  • We can increase the likelihood of a higher offer.
  • We know ways to make your home shine.

While your home is on the market

  • Make your home accessible to agents and their buyers.
  • Let the agent show the property.
  • Give careful consideration to written offers when presented.
  • We will facilitate showings.
  • We know each buyer's needs and desires.
  • When we get a written offer on your home, we can present and negotiate that offer with integrity; ask the buyer to demonstrate his/her ability to obtain financing; and point out strengths and weaknesses so you can make an informed decision.

After you accept an offer

  • Select an attorney licensed in New Jersey and familiar with local real estate practices to represent you.
  • Make your home available for inspections and the bank appraisal.
  • Know the status of your contract.
  • Arrange for necessary repairs, get estimates from moving companies, notify utility companies of your move-out date, etc.
  • Move out before the closing.
  • Contact your attorney for closing requirements.
  • We will deliver your contract to your attorney.
  • After signing, both the seller and the buyer have the right to have the contract reviewed or canceled by an attorney within three business days.
  • We will schedule appointments for home inspections and the bank appraisal.
  • We will track the progress of the contingencies.
  • We will help coordinate all the necessary details from contract to closing.
  • We will schedule the final walk-through.